Student Government

What is Student Government?

The University of Texas at Austin Student Government is the official association for the expression of student opinion. It is our privilege to support responsible student participation in university policy and decision-making processes in order to enhance the quality and scope of the student experience. We are responsible for the transparent and effective use of student fees to promote student welfare, and for providing leadership development opportunities for UT students.

Student Government continues the history of the Student Government Association, founded in 1902. We represent and welcome all students to participate in Student Government through meetings and legislation, as well as appointed positions and agency involvement.

Roles and Structure

Student Government initiatives and goals are achieved through our three-branch structure. The executive branch includes the president and vice president, Executive Board, policy directors and agencies to work on behalf of students across a variety of topics and initiatives.

The legislative branch, including the Assembly, Assembly Board and standing committees, processes and votes on bills and resolutions to act on behalf of student opinion. Any UT student can participate in the legislative process by writing or speaking on Student Government legislation.

Our judicial branch includes a supreme court made up of five justices and clerks for each justice. The justices are responsible for interpreting and enforcing the Student Government Constitution and Code of Rules and Procedures, as well as reviewing the authority and procedural continuity of actions taken by Student Government.

Contact Student Government

Phone: 512-471-3166


Student Government meets every week on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. in the Legislative Assembly Room during the fall and spring semesters. Please join us at a meeting or one of our other events.

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